Over the years, many people have suffered problems while attempting to fit a lid onto the top of a hot beverage. Some tops go on easy, and others end up being rather tricky. And you never quite know whether or not the lid has been fitted correctly and safely until a customer attempts to pick it up and walk away. Thanks to LID SAFE, there’s no need to worry about any of this.

If the top is not fitted correctly, there is a safety issue as the hot liquid can spill out, leading to serious scalds, there is also a hygiene problem as people fitting the lid tend to place their hands on and around the sip area, attempting to make sure the lid is secure. The speed of operation can also be an issue while in a busy hot drinks outlet.

There is a further issue if a customer is served a hot beverage with the lid attached and attempts to remove it to add sugar or creamer, after your customer has taken off the lid, they may find it hard to refit it.

The LID SAFE professionally addresses all the above problems with ease, allowing you a quick, easy, safe, and hygienic operation first time, every time - simple. Once you have used the LID SAFE you will wonder how you ever managed without.

About the Company

Cooltec Innovation Ltd is a highly regarded company that provides a unique product to the takeaway hot beverages industry through wholesalers and distributers. Managing Director Richard Wolfenden has over 40 years’ experience running his own business, and has many successful inventions to his name - all of which have been sold successfully worldwide. At Cooltec Innovation Ltd, there is an understanding of the importance of good-quality products and giving a first-class customer service and after-sales care.

Sheri Wolfenden, the sales Director of Cooltec, asked her husband, Richard, to come up with a device to try and solve problems that she had experienced while owning and running her own coffee shop over the last 5 years. Sheri has over 35 years’ experience in sales marketing and customer service, and she prides herself on giving a first-class customer service. The company is busy working on other products to complement our current range.

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