High-Quality Barista Equipment that Allows You to Serve Hot Drinks with Ease

Many people often struggle trying to fit the lid safely and securely onto a takeaway cup. At Cooltec, we have designed a specialist device the LID SAFE this is perfect for those searching for barista equipment and coffee shop supplies. Not only does it make for a quick and smooth application, hygiene issues are also addressed.

Safely Secure Your Lids

Without fitting the lids onto your takeaway cups properly, there are a number of issues that occur. People may scald themselves as the hot liquid spills over the sides, germs may be transferred as hands touch the lids on or around the sip area, or you may end up wasting time trying to get the lid to fit Ensure this doesn’t happen in your coffee shop, cafe or any hot beverage outlet with our easy-to-use LID SAFE

The LID SAFE was designed to address all the aforementioned problems suffered in the takeaway hot drinks industry. All of these issues have been solved thanks to our skills and expertise! Thanks to our Lid Safe you can apply and remove a takeaway cup lid safely, easily, and hygienically, all while operating a professional approach.

A First-Rate Product

Manufactured to the highest standard from food-grade stainless steel and silicone, our product comes with a 10-year guarantee on the main body. As soon as you’ve used LID SAFE’s utensil, you’ll quickly realise all of the benefits and wonder how you ever managed working without one! It is designed to assist anyone offering a takeaway hot beverage service. Available in an array of options and sizes, our product is ideal for takeaway cup lids from 8oz right up to 20oz.

Our Range

LS Eco

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LS Standard

LID SAFE - £39.99

LS Professional

LID SAFE Professional - £49.9.99

LS Counter-professional

SAFE Professional Counter Version - £54.99

Designing LID SAFE 


Following our own experience in our Coffee Shop we realised there were several problems which needed addressing to enable a quicker safer and more hygienic way to fitting a lid onto a takeaway hot beverage cup. After extensive market research in the UK, Europe and America, we quickly realised that these were universal problems.

Therefore the Managing Director who is an accomplished designer was asked to come up with a solution for these problems, So he set about designing and developed a unique product which we now call the LID SAFE. The LID SAFE quickly, safety and hygienically solves all the above problems people were encountering.

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